Saved By Grace Photography is more than photography.  We strive to create a full experience.  So that you not only receive beautiful timeless photos but there was an experience in those photos that create more emotion and connection.

REal LIfe. Real People. Real MOments


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As you can see from our site and all that we talk about our service is to capture YOUR STORY.  We want to be a part of your day telling it in a way that captures it from a perspective that speaks to you.  Giving you images that take you back each and every time you look at them.  Reminding you of what it meant to you and how you felt in that moment.

Our Services, Your story

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Ready to book?

Can we make payments?
Definitely!  We do our very best to accommodate the needs of our brides.  A payment plan can be set up from the start that fits your needs.  All we ask is that the final payment be made no later then 30 days prior to your event date.  We have an online client portal where you can easily make payments, track correspondence and view any documents we have shared together.  Our goal is to make this portion of your wedding planning as easy as possible. 

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How will we receive our images?
6-8 weeks from your wedding date you will receive an online gallery to view your images.  Soon after you will receive a custom USB with the images as well.  The online gallery is so fun because you can instantly share it with friends and family.  Directly post to social media.  It is also a great way to let friends and guests order prints without having to ask you to do it for them.  This gallery can be password protected at your request as well. 

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Does an Engagement Session come in the wedding packages?
Yes!  It is a gift to you.  It is a great way for us to get to know you and learn the best ways to get those natural reactions before wedding day. By no means do you have to do an engagement session but maybe we can use the time for a coffee or tea meet up to chat and get to know each other.  It is so important to us that we not just be a business transaction but have a connection so that your photographs have that much more meaning to them for you. 

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Do you travel?
Yes but our travel schedule is limited.  We only take a few travel weekends a year so that we can spend more time with little ones.  It is very important you inquiry right away if you are a destination wedding. 

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Who is SBG Photography?
Christina is the owner and lead photographer.  She has built this business with her heart and soul.  Wanting to provide images to couples that will last not only in beauty but in meaning.  Giving her clients images to show their love story and legacy with generations to come. 

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With every bride we meet we encourage them to prioritize what is most important to them.  Knowing what is most important helps you build a your perfect dream day for your dream wedding. Sometimes that means a dream venue and gorgeous flowers.  Sometimes that means finding The Dress and hiring a dream photographer.  Make your day about what makes you happy and will celebrate your marriage.  Finding the vendors that can make your dream a reality is key!  SBG Brides can build custom packages starting at $2400. 


Customize a Package to fit Your Wedding Day

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Alicia Holt

"I am so thankful that I found Saved By Grace Photography! Since the beginning Christina made me feel like she was an old friend. She gave us exactly what we wanted, real life documentation and memories. She was available at all times for advice, coffee, timelines, and to listen/ share crazy wedding ideas. Christina really goes above and beyond and for that I am forever grateful!"

Skylar Sensat

"I am so glad I found Christina. She made our engagement session and our wedding day feel so special. She pays attention to detail and is very personable. I have made a lifelong friend, and will cherish her work for the rest of my life."

Love Notes